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Designed for financial advice providers who want to take advantage of content marketing to attract more ideal clients, but don’t know where to start.

A highly practical and actionable “weekender” course, you’ll walk away with digital agency insider know-how: 

✅ What makes “great” content (the type that ranks well in Google, generates leads and supports sales) with several real case studies

✅ Why you should target a niche and how to do it (proven templates for creating an irresistible elevator pitch, defining your ideal client, and mapping out the REAL value you provide in your client’s lives) 

✅ What topics to cover with your content (leverage done-for-you market research and save hours of research time!) – quickly build a list of hundreds of in-demand topics!

✅ How to develop an Ideal Client Journey that moves prospects from ‘strangers’ to ‘loyal clients’ (and the content you need at each stage of the journey)

✅ How to measure your success with content marketing (use the Business Growth Calculator to tie content back to revenue)

✅ Where, when and what to publish (with research into ideal publishing platforms, social channels, promotional schedules and more) 

✅ A deeper dive into 5 common content types you need to master (top tips for article and blogs, webpages, lead magnets, email newsletters and marketing automation) 

✅ Finally, wrap up everything you learn into a 12-month content editorial calendar (to know what you will produce, when will be published, and where it will be promoted!)

(Run time: 22 minutes 21 seconds)

What we’ll cover in Module 1:

  • How Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify can help you out-play your competitors
  • What Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have in common (hint: it will impact the future of marketing AND financial advice)
  • 2 disruptive technologies that are changing every industry (it’s happening right before our eyes!)
  • Research from Deloitte: what’s driving customer trust and what’s making clients more likely to switch to another provider
  • 6 benefits of being a thought leader in your specific niche
  • Case study: how this financial advice firm’s blog post is driving over 1,200 in monthly visits (with a traffic value of $7,100/month)
  • Case study: how to target a niche and get a 6.9% enquiry rate (with cold audience Facebook Ads!)
  • Case study: deep dive into how Barefoot Investor built his audience of 310,000+ followers
Case Study: 1,200 visitors/month ($7,100 in traffic value) from 1 single blog post
Case Study: Niche targeting cold Facebook ads campaign - 6.9% enquiry rate
Case Study: Scott Pape's top digital strategies contributing to over 310,000 followers!
(Run time: 21 minutes 17 seconds)

What we’ll cover in Module 2:

  • The overused messaging approach of 99% of financial advice firms (and why you should AVOID it like the plague)
  • The adverse effects of NOT choosing a niche to target
  • The #1 thing you can do to laser-target your messaging to your ideal clients
  • What most financial advice firms think is great marketing (but is actually the OPPOSITE of what works)
  • 4 ways you can target your ideal clients (get this right ad you shortcut your success!)
  • 6 simple questions to ask yourself to reveal your ideal client niche
  • Tool & exercise: The Elevator Pitch tool – use proven templates to craft an irresistible positioning statement!
  • Tool & exercise: The Ideal Client Profile – quickly build a detailed profile of your ideal clients (this pro step will supercharge all your future marketing!)
  • What your clients are REALLY buying from you (hint: it’s not a new tax strategy!)
  • Tool & exercise: The Change Grid – get crystal clear on the value you offer in your clients lives
Exercise 2.1. Elevator Pitch
Exercise 2.2. Ideal Client Profile
Exercise 2.3. The Change Grid
(Run time: 24 minutes 35 seconds)

What we’ll cover in Module 3:

  • The 4 P’s of persuasive messaging (from one of the most awarded direct response copywriters of all time)
  • 2 secret pro strategies for driving almost 100% positive online word of mouth
  • 5 easy ways to get inside the mind’s of your ideal clients
  • Custom research: Over 59,000 keywords people are using to search Google for financial advice (with monthly search volume for each keyword)
  • Custom research: Over 23,000 related questions searches from Google (perfect for forming the basis of your content)
  • Tool & exercise: Content Topic Planner – use our Google keyword research and your ideal client targeting to rapidly build a list of in-demand content topics
  • Map out your perfect Client Journey (7 stages from strangers to delighted clients)
  • How to know what to focus on at each stage of your Client Journey
  • Common content types and mediums (and WHEN to use them!)
  • The most effective Call to Actions (CTAs) to use to move prospective clients down your sales funnel
  • Tool & exercise: Audit Your Client Journey – make sure you have all the right content pieces for an effective Client Journey 
Exercise 3.1. Search Research & Content Topic Planner
Exercise 3.2. Client Journey Content Audit
(Run time: 24 minutes 16 seconds)

Module 4:

  • How to know where to publish and promote your content
  • Top social platforms you need to consider: audience usage and demographics breakdown
  • Cross-channel content publishing plan: swipe our agency formula for results!
  • Know when to publish your content: best publishing schedules, times and days revealed
  • A deeper dive on 5 common content types (blog posts and articles, website content, lead magnets, email newsletters and marketing automation)
  • How to measure your content marketing success
  • Tool & exercise: Business Growth Planner – quickly map out the financial Return on Investment from your content marketing efforts
  • Tool & exercise: Content Marketing Checklist: a simple tool you can use to quickly audit your current SEO, content marketing and lead generation and nurturing program
  • Tool & exercise: Content Editorial Calendar: wrap it all up by completing a 12-month content calendar to know what your publishing, when and where
Exercise 4.1. Business Growth Planner
Exercise 4.2. Content Marketing Checklist
Exercise 4.3. Content Editorial Calendar

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