Content Marketing for Financial Advice

Field tested strategies, agency grade tools, and custom market research to help you quickly create a content marketing plan to attract more ideal clients.

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Proven Content Marketing Strategies

Shortcut your success by using strategies proven to get results.

Financial Advice Buyer Research

Save hours with done for you keyword research (59,000+ search terms)

Agency Grade Tools & Templates

Create your content plan faster with easy-to-use tools and templates.

"I’ve just started my 43rd year in the financial services business. This was THE most helpful marketing course I’ve ever taken, the content and tools are exceptional."
Gary B. Woolman, LUTCF, CLTC
Founder, Woolman Financial Group

What's inside the course?

Watch this 6-min video I created to walk you through the course content:

Discover the pro strategies to create an irresistible content marketing plan for your ideal clients

👉 Get dialled in on what makes top performing content
  • How Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify can help you out-play your competitors
  • What Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have in common (hint: it will impact the future of marketing AND financial advice)
  • 2 disruptive technologies that are changing every industry (it’s happening right before our eyes!)
  • Research from Deloitte: what’s driving customer trust and what’s making clients more likely to switch to another provider
  • 6 benefits of being a thought leader in your specific niche
Case Study: 1,200 visitors/month ($7,100 in traffic value) from 1 single blog post
Case Study: Niche targeting cold Facebook ads campaign - 6.9% enquiry rate
Case Study: Scott Pape's top digital strategies contributing to over 310,000 followers!
👉 Lock down who you're targeting and what makes them tick!
  • The overused messaging approach of 99% of financial advice firms (and why you should AVOID it like the plague)
  • The adverse effects of NOT choosing a niche to target
  • The #1 thing you can do to laser-target your messaging to your ideal clients
  • What most financial advice firms think is great marketing (but is actually the OPPOSITE of what works)
  • 4 ways you can target your ideal clients (get this right ad you shortcut your success!)
  • 6 simple questions to ask yourself to reveal your ideal client niche
👉 Know which topics will turn strangers into raving fans!
  • The 4 P’s of persuasive messaging (from one of the most awarded direct response copywriters of all time)
  • 2 secret pro strategies for driving almost 100% positive online word of mouth
  • 5 easy ways to get inside the mind’s of your ideal clients
  • Mapping out your perfect Client Journey (7 stages from strangers to delighted clients)
  • Know what to focus on at each stage of your Client Journey
  • Common content types and mediums (& WHEN to use them!)
  • The most effective Call to Actions (CTAs) to use to move prospective clients down your sales funnel
👉 Walk away with an actionable 12-month content plan!
  • How to know where to publish and promote your content
  • Top social platforms you need to consider: audience usage and demographics breakdown
  • Cross-channel content publishing plan: swipe our agency formula for results!
  • Know when to publish your content: best publishing schedules, times and days revealed
  • A deeper dive into 5 common content types (blog posts and articles, website content, lead magnets, email newsletters and marketing automation)
  • How to measure your content marketing success

Designed exclusively for financial advice providers:

This fast-start course is designed to shortcut the development of an effective content marketing strategy, with industry tailored case studies, market research, Google search term research, templates, tools & more. It’s perfect for: 

  • Financial advice firms
  • Financial planners
  • Wealth managers
  • Investment advisers
  • Mortgage & finance brokers
  • Tax strategists

You'll also get access to custom research, proven agency tools & templates (valued $2,200+)

Exercise 2.1. Elevator Pitch

What is it? 

Use proven templates to craft an irresistible positioning statement. It’s pre-populated with common audience segments, financial advice services and financial issues and goals – to make it easy to find an ‘elevator pitch’ that works for your firm. 

Value:  $99

Exercise 2.2. Ideal Client Profile

What is it? 

Zero-in on your ideal client and supercharge all of your marketing efforts. With a crystal clear understanding of who you’re speaking to and what’s important to them, you’ll know exactly what content you need to develop. We cover demographics, psychographics, basic financial position, triggers for financial advice, financial goals and challenges, common objections, and much more!

Value:  $299

Exercise 2.3. The Change Grid

What is it? 

Get clarity on the value that you provide to your Ideal Clients. The Change Grid allows you to map out all the ways you make your clients’ lives better. You’ll learn how to map out benefits, emotional benefits, dimensionalised benefits, and more. This is the key to speaking your ideal client’s language! 

Value:  $99

Exercise 3.1. Search Research & Content Topic Planner

What is it? 

This tool contains Google user search research related to financial advice firms. We’ve taken 40 general financial advice ‘root’ keywords and ran deep level of keyword analysis on each using SEMRush. We’ve also used to extract related questions that users search Google for on each topic. The result is over 59,000 keywords and their related monthly search volumes. Along with 23,000+ related searches. 

We then built out this tool so that you can easily select topics of interest, then tailor them with your geographic targeting and ideal client targeting. This tool will save your hours and hours of research – to build a highly SEO targeted topic list in next to no time!

Value:  $699

Exercise 3.2. Client Journey Content Audit

What is it? 

Helps you audit your existing content against your Client Journey, making sure you have content to move prospects down your sales funnel. Across the 7-stages of your Client Journey, we cover the typical awareness levels, content types, mediums, offers and common content topics for each stage.

Value:  $399

Exercise 4.1. Business Growth Planner

What is it? 

Helps you track your KPIs and plan your business growth using content marketing. Covers traffic, leads and client conversion rates, and allows you to project revenue growth based on increasing performance on your KPIs. 

Value:  $99

Exercise 4.2. Content Marketing Checklist

What is it? 

Run through this checklist to gain an understanding on how well your existing content marketing strategy is setup. We cover key strategic initiatives across Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Nurturing. You’ll get a score out of 100 and an easy to action guide on what to implement next. 

Value:  $199

Exercise 4.3. Content Editorial Calendar

What is it? 

This is your key planning and execution document to manage your content marketing activity. Inside you can schedule content publication, map out detailed requirements planning, and manage the content publication process. It’s loaded with helpful tools such as common Call to Actions (CTAs), 750+ high performing headline templates, 200+ email subject line templates, plus much more!  

Value:  $399

Join Content Marketing for Financial Advice today and receive all the tools you need to build a winning content marketing strategy

You’ll get instant access to 4 fluff-free modules covering current content marketing strategy that’s working in the field today. Along with 5 detailed case studies of financial advice content marketing success.

Plus, you receive the following tools:

  • Elevator Pitch Builder (value $99)
  • Ideal Client Profile (value $299)
  • The Change Grid (value $99)
  • Search Research & Content Topic Planner (value $699)
  • Client Journey Content Audit (value $399)
  • Business Growth Planner (value $99)
  • Content Marketing Checklist (value $199)
  • Content Editorial Calendar (value $399)
  • Total Value: $2,292

Frequently asked questions​

This course is designed specifically for financial advice providers. It contains industry specific research, Google search term research and tailored tools for advice providers. Financial advice firms, financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisers, brokers and tax specialists are all perfect for this course.

This course is split into 4 modules. Each module has a training video component that teaches you the strategy (around 20-25 minutes each). Then you have several exercises to complete in each module.

This course was deliberately developed to be short, sharp and actionable. The video training components are under 2 hours total. The value in the course really comes from the tools and exercises you will be completing. All in all, you could get through this course (and the exercises) in a dedicated weekend.

Once you checkout and pay for the course, you will be emailed with instant access. The member’s area hosts the videos (which can be streamed on any device). The exercises are available as Google Sheets. You will need a gmail email address or Google Apps hosted email address to login and create your own editable copy of each spreadsheet.

You will complete this course with an up-to-date briefing on what makes a successful content marketing strategy, how to design a lead generation and nurturing strategy, and what makes great content that performs (attracts attention, ranks well in organic search, converts visitors into leads). But more so, you will develop the actual strategy for your content marketing program. You will complete the course with a 12-month strategy, including who you are targeting, what topics you are producing, where you are publishing and how you are promoting your content.
Ideally you will have had up to 12 months experience in your profession. This is important so that you can understand who your ideal client really is (as this forms the basis of all effective marketing).

No, of course not. You need to put your expertise into the mix to choose your ideal clients and develop a content marketing plan that’s right for them. However, you will be supported with arguably the best education available for financial advice firms wanting to develop a winning content marketing strategy. You will have proven strategy, detailed case studies and examples, and the research & tools to make it easy to create your plan.

For the price of $495, you’re getting access to all the pro tools and industry research so that you can quickly build a fully fledged content marketing plan. Done-for-you plans such as this typically cost $2,500-$5,000+. Aside from the price comparison, its worth considering what a typical new client is worth to you (likely in the range of $10k+ pa). So it’s beneficial to think of building out your content as an investment in the future of your business, rather than simply a cost. 

Fast track your content marketing success​​

Enrol now to get the strategy, research and tools to quickly create an effective content marketing plan to attract more financial advice clients:​